Here’s a cute frobin idea I had~ Robin helping out Franky with his totally rad hairdos, I love these two oh so much!  Enjoy! <3

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Hentai Power!



TBH this all started with a simple curiosity, What would cyclops look like in jeans Jim lee 90s outfit?   It turned out to be a fun warm up sketch and warm up color sketch. I plan to hit up other xmen but first…some ground rules i set up for myself. Color schemes switched and try to incorporate some major designs from the other character like the big red belt or some form of pink glasses.

Can the great jubilee pull of logans brown and orange outfit and  can the great menacing wolverine look deadly in pink (probably not)(i tried)

jean and Scott redesigned here

Psylocke and Archangel here

these redesigns are smooth..! i really dig ‘em (not to be mistaken for the Sugar Smacks frog)..! it’s just that as much as i LOVE Jubilee… this redesign doesn’t exactly fit her in my opinion… but the fact that she was even included and redesigned at all, especially when it was by CHOICE… well… it makes me think this is awesome nonetheless..! thank you mr. nguyen..!

Anonymous asked: If you're not too busy, could you please draw a Batfam sketch including Alfred, Bruce, Dick, Barbara, Jason, Tim, Stephanie, Cass, and Damian?


Wow that’s allot of characters i don’t know if…………………….


crap im missing Alfred ………A preplanned print for 2014 :)


Teamwork. You gotta love it.”

My name is Bobby Drake. Iceman. I’ve been an X-Man, an X…Factor-ian, a Defender, a Champion (don’t ask). I’ve been a super hero since before I was old enough to shave. I’ve stood side by side with the toughest, most powerful heroes in the known universe and always held my own. But today… today I need to be something more. So go ahead, call me a joke if you want. Label me the X-Man with the lamest power ever. But a man of untapped potential? Don’t you dare ever call me that again”


for those interested on the history of this piece.



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Title: Break the Targets!! Artist: Nintendo 68,877 plays


No words this time.

Only memories.

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god gave us two hands for a reason

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